Calligraphy family tree

Calligraphy is another of my hobbies, one that is sadly neglected most of the time and gets picked up again whenever I want to use it to make something! This is very bad of me, I should really practice a little every day if I want to get better. I’ve only taught myself from books, and I wouldn’t say I was that great at it but I’ve got to a level where I can use it to make cards and presents for close friends and family and they come out looking ok.

It was my grandma’s 90th birthday earlier this year, and my mum has been doing a little research into her family tree so I thought I’d write it up in calligraphy as a birthday present for my grandma. She has a very large family so I had to simplify it a lot and only included her closest relations and no dates or any other details, otherwise it would have been massive! I used greens and blues as those are her favourite colours. It also makes it look a little less traditional than most family trees. Here are some photos, I hope you like them!

Calligraphy family tree

Calligraphy family tree close up 1

Calligraphy family tree close up 2

Calligraphy family tree close up 4

Calligraphy family tree close up 3

Thanks for reading!