Toy Street – bargain toys in Sham Shui Po

I first heard about Toy Street (aka Fuk Wing Street in Sham Shui Po) a while ago from a couple of friends who recommended it to me. But then I was round a friend’s house recently, and she had bought a little toy tool bench complete with plastic tools and an electric screwdriver that screwed the screws into the holes on the bench – all for HK$100 (£8)! I knew I had to get myself over there!

I do love Sham Shui Po anyway. It’s a traditional style Hong Kong neighbourhood with relatively low rise buildings (mostly less than 10 stories), great eateries and fantastic shopping. I go there frequently to buy craft, and particularly jewellery, supplies (as I mentioned in my ‘buying craft supplies in Hong Kong‘ post). I also really enjoyed getting to know the area a bit more on the Foodie Tour that I did with my husband last year.

To get to Toy Street, all you do is leave Sham Shui Po MTR station by exit B2. You immediately cross a pedestrian street, then continue straight. At the end of the next block, turn right and the toy shops are right there (you can’t miss them!). If that’s really not clear enough, this website has a nice map showing you where to go.

This is what I mean when I say that you can’t miss the toy shops!

Toy Street Sham Shui Po

Those shops are seriously loaded with toys!

Toy street Hong Kong

Now, you should be aware that you are not getting top quality toys if you come here. There are a lot of cheap plastic toys imported directly from the factories in China. Having said that, Toys R Us is also full of plastic toys at a significantly higher price (I’m talking about Toys R Us in Hong Kong here, I’m not sure about other countries), so if you’re just looking for some cheap and cheerful toys to entertain your little ones then why pay more than you have to?!

In general I would say that this is the place to go if you’re looking for items for stocking fillers or party bags, small everyday toys such as balls, cars and stationery, or larger plastic toys that you’re expecting to take a bashing.

There are lots of shops on Toy Street which are quite similar but the two that stood out most to me were Laugh Laugh (which had a large selection of bigger toys in the back of the shop)…

Laugh Laugh toy shop Sham Shui Po

…and Toystar, which had some branded toys, such as V-tech and wooden toys (although I’d not heard of the brand of wooden toys, it might have been German?).

Toystar toy shop Sham Shui Po

I was looking for larger toys and found quite a few to pick from – including a fold-up kitchen, drum kit (including an electric one!), easels galore and a full supermarket shop! (Alas, I didn’t see a tool bench like the one my friend had) In the end I plumped for a tent which came with 50 ball-pit type balls – it cost HK$100 (£8). The twins seem to quite like it!


Do let me know if you go to Toy Street and tell me what treasures you find there! If you’ve got kids it’s a great place to shop.

Thanks for reading!