Swarovski Hong Kong spring/summer 2013 launch

I was very fortunate to be invited by a friend to the Swarovski spring/summer 2013 launch at Hullett House yesterday.

The theme was a tropical South American style, and the marquee was decorated with exotic plants and they had even added heaters! (pretty unnecessary as it was already about 20 degrees outside). To start with we were treated to some Brazilian-style dancers:

Brazilian dancers at Swarovski launch Hong Kong

Brazilian dancers

Then there was a catwalk show with models wearing the latest Swarovski collection. The jewellery was very bold, with big pieces in bright colours, fitting well with the tropical theme.

Modelling Swarovski spring summer 2013 range

Models at Swarovski launch 2013

Runway show at Swarovski launch

The hanging bit on this last necklace comes off and can be worn as a bracelet!

There was a lot of talking in Cantonese which I didn’t understand at all (apart from the odd ‘hou leng’ which means ‘very beautiful’!). The show concluded with an interview with ‘the twins’. I have no idea who they are, why they are famous or what they were saying. But their shoes were very high!

Interviewing the twins

After the show, we got to look at some of the jewellery pieces. The jewellery was much more fashion-orientated than I was expecting, with less precious metals and more brightly-coloured crystals. These are some of my favourite pieces:

Earrings Swarovski spring summer 2013 collection

Purple Swarovski crystal necklace 2013

This purple crystal necklace was possibly my favourite piece there – I really like the shape and the colour fading out to clear.

Swarovski spring summer 2013 collection

I am wondering if I could recreate something like these filigree earrings in wire?!

Beetle necklaces Swarovski 2013And to finish, some very cute beetle necklaces.

Overall the show was good fun and it was really interesting to see the path that Swarovski have chosen with their latest collection. I don’t think these pieces will directly influence my jewellery but it was really useful research. The colour combinations were particularly interesting to see.

Thanks for reading!