Jordan Valley Park – finally, some open grassland in Hong Kong!

I realise that I’ve written a few posts recently about parks, such as the Hong Kong Wetland Park, and Tai Po Waterfront Park, but today’s post is about another park – Jordan Valley Park. I guess you can tell what we do most now that we have two small children!

Jordan Valley Park Hong Kong

First of all, I should point out that Jordan Valley Park is nowhere near Jordan (the area of Kowloon just north of Tsim Sha Tsui)! It’s actually much further east in the Cha Liu Au area (no, I’ve never actually heard of Cha Liu Au either) – just east of Kowloon Bay. One of the easiest ways to get there would probably be to go to Kowloon Bay MTR and take a taxi. We actually took a taxi there from where we live but we got the number 26 KMB bus back, which goes all the way to Tsim Sha Tsui and was pretty convenient. There is a full list of buses and minibuses that go near the park on the Jordan Valley Park website, although it’s just a list of numbers so you’ll need to work out where the buses actually go!

The main draw of this park is that is has that rarest of things (in Hong Kong) – large open areas of grass! This is because it was built on a former landfill site, so I guess that it was unsuitable ground for the large residential towers that permeate Hong Kong. But I for one am very glad – it’s so nice to have some grass to sit on (in my case) or run around on (in Jack and Isobel’s case)!

Jordan Valley Park grass

The picture above is only about half the area of the park, it narrows behind where I was standing but still goes back a fair way.  Some of the grass had been fenced off in an attempt to help the grass to re-grow. I guess that might be one of the reasons why many parks in Hong Kong don’t have grass – it isn’t the best climate for it.

The park itself has been well thought out, with some lovely landscaped areas and jogging tracks running between different areas of grass.

Jordan Valley Park landscaping

Lots of people (and by that I mean almost everyone) bought little pop-up tents to sit in. As the morning went on, the park got busier and the tents increased in number! Many people sat in them to stay out the sun and eat the food they had brought. Jack and Isobel enjoyed investigating several of the tents nearby and were quite often rewarded with the offer of some food!

Jordan Valley Park tents

But the park isn’t just grass. There was a lovely large playground with equipment for a wide age range, as well as the usual fitness equipment for the elderly. I already mentioned the jogging tracks, and there are toilets and a water fountain. There’s also a little maze garden and a horticultural centre.

Jordan Valley Park playground

One unusual feature of the park, which you come to as you enter it, is a large model car race track! The people who were using it obviously take their model cars very seriously and spend a lot of time here!

Jordan Valley Park model car race track

Some of the cars were incredibly fast, and it was fun to watch some of them overtake each other and in some cases knock each other over. Sometimes the car that caused the accident would stop and go back to try and right the car on its side – I think all the cars would have to stop so the owner could right it otherwise, but it was quite nice to see this piece of good sportsmanship! I defy you to walk past it without stopping to watch for a little while :)

Jordan Valley Park Radio-Controlled Model Car Racing Circuit

There was also a smaller track next door, which might be for those who are beginners or whose cars aren’t quite as flashy!

Anyway, if you’re looking for some grass to have a picnic on, or to allow your children to run around on, this is the best stretch of grass I’ve seen in Hong Kong. I realise that it might be a bit difficult to get to from some parts of Hong Kong but we were pleasantly surprised at how quick it was from our home in Hung Hom. Do let me know what you think if you manage to go yourself!

Thanks for reading!