Featured blog: Land of No Cheese

This week’s featured blog is Land of No Cheese by Emilie. It’s the first Hong Kong blog that I came across that I added to my (then) Google Reader feed – it’s such an interesting insight into Hong Kong! Emilie takes such great photos. And I love the blog name too!

Here is Emilie to tell you all about it…

Describe your blog in one or two sentences.

I would call it an excercise in making visual connections about Hong Kong by putting two (or more) photos side by side in every post. It’s not really meant to be about photography, it’s more of a repository for my eclectic visual ideas. For pure photography, I use flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/landofnocheese/

spot of light (1) (900x601)

What made you decide to start a blog?

Land of no cheese began when I moved to Hong Kong some four years ago as a way of sharing my Hong Kong impressions with friends and family overseas, but after a few months it began to transform into the semi-art project that it is now.


Where do you get your inspiration?

Everywhere I go in Hong Kong – the city, the countryside, and for the past year, underwater too as I attempt to improve my underwater photography skills gradually. My interest in photography grew exponentially after I settled here in Hong Kong. This place is unendingly fascinating to me.

IMG_9972 (Copy)

What has been the highlight of working on your blog so far?

What is wonderful are opportunities this blog has given me; as a result of it, I was contacted by Time Out HK magazine and I am now a regular contributor (my photos appear in the ‘Hidden Hong Kong’ section). I have also sporadically participated in fun art and photo projects which would not have been possible without the online presence of a blog.

129 Hidden HK small

What do you like to do when not working on your blog?

Over the past year I have become fairly obsessed with scuba diving and the underwater world. Although I try to go overseas to dive whenever I can, having limited time available I find myself underwater locally very regularly to satisfy my waterlust! I also love singing and am a member of the HK Bach Choir: making music makes me happy.


What is coming up in future posts?

Impossible to say for sure: the posts appear very organically based on photos I take during the week. You can expect more underwater themes though alongside street photography, pictures of people and assorted randomness.

IMG_4411 (900x602)

What are your top three favourite blogs?

I don’t spend a lot of time browsing other blogs (!), but for content related to Hong Kong I would note the currently hibernating but otherwise excellent ‘Hong Kong and Macau Stuff’ by Philip Kenny which is bursting with info and trivia about HK heritage sites and places of interest, and which has been a very useful source of reference and ideas for me. http://orientalsweetlips.wordpress.com/

For nature photography I would recommend Sai Kung resident’s Andrew Hardacre’s stunning photoblog. I particularly admire his bird photos. http://ajh57.wordpress.com/

Finally, although not exactly a blog I would mention Hong Kong creative spirit Sasha O’s online artworks and projects: http://www.osasha.com/#!projects/cm8a


Thanks Emilie! Check out the Land of No Cheese blog and the Land of No Cheese facebook page for more great photos and observations.

Thanks for reading!