Featured Etsy shop: Live Your Dream Designs

Every fortnight Occasionally, I’m featuring Etsy shops and blogs which I love. This week it’s the turn of Joyce from the Etsy shop LiveYourDreamDesigns!

Joyce makes the most beautiful 3D cards which she sells on Etsy and through her website. Here she is to tell you a little about her craft…

Origami Architecture is the combination of two ancient Japanese art forms. Origami – the art of folding paper & Kirigami – the art of cutting paper. The result is a single sheet of cut and folded paper that when opened displays a three dimensional image. My goal is to amaze and delight you with the magic of Origami Architecture.

Conservatory of Flowers pop-up card - Live Your Dreams Designs

I made a living designing and building theatrical props and costumes for 25 years. In the early 90’s I discovered Origami Architecture. I made a few designs and offered them to my friends in “the industry”. The cards were so well received that I left my costume design career in 1993 and began making cards full time.

Christmas Carousel pop up card - Live Your Dream Designs

I design and make all my cards in my studio here in Los Angeles. I have 2 lasers in my studio to cut my cards. I draw my own designs. The usual revision rate is 18 before I am happy. I choose the exterior paper carefully and write the text for the back of my cards. Then the paper goes to an off set press for printing. When it comes back I laser cut and fold each piece individually. Then I apply the exterior paper. It is still a one card at a time process. I am usually supervised my my two cats, Tigar and Trouble. I love spending my days making these cards. There is nothing more satisfying to me than to look at a table full of finished work and think “I did that today”.

Box of 3 Alcatraz pop up cards - Live Your Dream Designs

I enjoy the process of designing these cards. It suits me. The drawing work is fairly technical. More like drafting than like drawing. It requires a highly developed sense of form, space and design. I think intuitively in 3 dimensions. Most of my images are architectural. I enjoy architecture and it works well with my art form.

A Smithsonian Christmas - Live Your Dream Designs

I make handmade greeting cards because I believe that in today’s world of e-mail and cell phones, people are hungry for more personal, human contact. Sending or receiving a handmade card is a wonderful way to express our care and love for one another.

Box of 3 Griffith Observatory cards - Live Your Dream Designs

I enjoy the process of making and selling these cards, and especially the gleam of light in your eye when you open these very plain looking cards.

Joy Tree pop up card - Live Your Dream Designs

Thanks Joyce! Aren’t her cards amazing?! Check out LiveYourDreamDesigns on Etsy to see the full range!

Thanks for reading!


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