Easy DIY paper covered pencil tins

I think this is the easiest craft I have ever done! As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I have recently built up a small collection of pretty paper and I’ve been looking for crafts to use it on! Plus, I love the idea of recycling things that would normally get thrown out, so I’m happy to find a use for these tin cans! And they turned out pretty nice :)

DIY paper covered pencil pots

The paper I used is ‘Into the Woods’ by UW Scrapbooking, which I bought at Popular Books (in Hong Kong). Isn’t it pretty?! The paper only measures 15cm by 15cm which isn’t long enough to wrap all the way round the cans so I had to use two pieces of paper for each can. This means that there are two paper seams, which isn’t ideal but I’ll survive ;)

Easy recycled tin can craft

The cans that I used were ones that had a ring pull on top, so the lid came off in a smooth circle. This meant that I didn’t have to file any rough edges which I would have had to have done if I had used a tin opener to open the cans.

To cover the cans, I first measured the distance between the metal strips at the top and bottom of the cans and cut paper strips to that width. Then I stuck them onto the cans by gluing the back of the paper strips with a glue runner (I put the glue around the edges and then in stripes over the rest of the surface) and then very carefully stuck the strips to the cans. I tried to make sure they were as straight as possible!

My favourite one is this one with the fox paper – so pretty!

Fox paper pencil pot

I was really pleased with how they came out, and now they are sitting in pride of place on top of one of our bookcases – where the pens are in easy reach for us but not our young children!

Have you done anything similar yourself? Please let me know in the comments below – I’d love to see what you’ve made!

Thanks for reading!