Handmade card tutorial – people letters

This is a card that I have hand drawn and made in a few different designs over the years but this is the latest incarnation, which I made for my mother-in-law’s birthday earlier this year.

People letters birthday card

As you can see, it is very simple in construction – I drew the letters out first in pencil and then turned each one into 1 or 2 people shapes. I went over the pencil outlines in black pen, erased the pencil and then coloured in the clothes with felt tip pens. I think it’s quite effective!

If you don’t want to draw the people yourself, here are a couple of versions for you to print onto a card blank. The first is black and white so you can colour in the people yourself, and the second is already coloured – for if you are feeling REALLY lazy!

People birthday letters - outline

People birthday letters

Please let me know if you try your own people letters. I really enjoy seeing other people’s creations and how different they can be even when based around the same idea!

Thanks for reading!