DIY wall display

I’ve been thinking for a while about finding something to hang on our wall which could be used to display cards and things. We used to just put them on the coffee table or TV unit but now the twins grab anything like that as soon as they see it and crumple or chew it all up.

Some friends of ours have got something like this, and I was so pleased when I found it online because every time I see theirs I think about getting one myself! It’s pretty reasonably priced too. But unfortunately the shipping to Hong Kong is over double the price of the item!

So I thought I would make something myself. I also thought I would be a total cheapskate and use things I already had to make it! And this is what I made:


Having now finished it, I think if I did it again I would do it a little differently, so I’ll give you another method for making something like this at the end of this post.

If you want to make it the way I did, you will need:

  • 4 hooks (mine are hooks with Command strips, since we are only renting this place and can’t put too many holes in the walls)
  • Ribbon
  • Needle and thread
  • Pegs

1. Measure out where you are going to put your hooks. I arranged mine in a 40cm square.

2. Attach the hooks to the wall.

3. Make the outside edge of your frame with the ribbon. I looped the ribbon around each hook and sewed a few little stitches on top of one another where the ribbon overlapped at each corner and then sewed the ends together. Doing the corner stitches was the trickiest bit! It was so hard to keep the ribbon as taut as possible whilst holding the ribbon together to make the stitches.



4. Mark out where you want your criss-cross ribbons to meet at the frame. I decided to mark out roughly thirds.


5. Cut the ribbon to the correct lengths and sew in place with a few little stitches on top of each other at the ends and where the ribbons cross. I wrapped the ends of the ribbons around the ribbon frame and sewed through all three layers at once. This should help stop the ends of the ribbon fraying.

When sewing these ribbons in place, be sure to keep everything nice and taut without distorting the overall shape.



6. Use your pegs to attach your items to display (btw, in this photo, you can also see my wire button heart and birthday candles card).


Aren’t the pegs great! They are the only thing I actually bought for the project, everything else I already had. I got them from Living Plaza for HK$12 (approx. £1) per pack!


When I was in the middle of this project (which only took me a couple of hours, by the way) I thought it was going to look really rubbish! I just couldn’t get the ribbon nice and taut. However, I did the best I could with it and I’m actually really pleased with the result.

An alternative way of doing a display like this would be to use a wooden picture frame, or make a wooden frame yourself by nailing wood together. You can then attach the ribbon to the back of the frame using drawing pins (thumb tacks), and put the little stitches where the ribbons cross. This is actually what I did to make an earring display that I use on my stall at craft fairs!




Let me know if you have a go at your own wall display. It’s a great way to remind you of nice things people have sent or things you’ve been to!

Thanks for reading!


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