Patterned paper banner birthday card

I’ve seen a few cards online which showcase a single piece of patterned paper (such as here and here), and if you’ve been following this blog, you’ll realise that I’ve recently built up a little stash of pretty paper and am just itching to find ways to use it! I recently made good use of some on these paper covered pencil pots, and now I want to use some more on a card!

I liked the idea of having a simple sentiment on top of the patterned paper, but rather than just writing in a square, I decided to use a banner going across the card. And this is the result!

DIY happy birthday banner card

I have to admit that the banner is not my idea, nor my design. I got it from The Postman’s Knock, one of my favourite blogs. Lindsey is a very talented calligrapher and letterer and has loads of very inspiring tutorials for cards and illustrations, alongside calligraphy tutorials and tips. In this tutorial, she goes through in detail how to draw a banner, so I just followed her tutorial to draw my own banner.

After a couple of practice goes, this was what I came up with:

Happy birthday hand drawn banner sketch

I wasn’t confident that I could write a nice calligraphy phrase on my banner (like Lindsey did), so I chose to write some simple tall thin letters instead. To make it a little more interesting, I thickened the verticals.

As you can see in the picture above, I drew it in pencil and then went over it with a pen. This was so that the lines would be clearly defined, which is important because I then traced it onto coloured paper in black pen. I used a light box, but you could hold the paper up to a window instead, so that you can see the writing on the paper behind.

Once the banner was complete I cut a border around it in the same way that Lindsey did because I liked the effect.

Then I simply mounted my patterned paper onto another piece of coloured paper and mounted that onto my card blank, and then glued the banner across the front. Simple but effective!

Tutorial hand drawn banner card

Patterned paper birthday card

Do you like this style? Have you made any cards with patterned paper yourself? I’d love to hear more ideas on how to use it!

Thanks for reading!


Easy DIY paper covered pencil tins

I think this is the easiest craft I have ever done! As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I have recently built up a small collection of pretty paper and I’ve been looking for crafts to use it on! Plus, I love the idea of recycling things that would normally get thrown out, so I’m happy to find a use for these tin cans! And they turned out pretty nice :)

DIY paper covered pencil pots

The paper I used is ‘Into the Woods’ by UW Scrapbooking, which I bought at Popular Books (in Hong Kong). Isn’t it pretty?! The paper only measures 15cm by 15cm which isn’t long enough to wrap all the way round the cans so I had to use two pieces of paper for each can. This means that there are two paper seams, which isn’t ideal but I’ll survive ;)

Easy recycled tin can craft

The cans that I used were ones that had a ring pull on top, so the lid came off in a smooth circle. This meant that I didn’t have to file any rough edges which I would have had to have done if I had used a tin opener to open the cans.

To cover the cans, I first measured the distance between the metal strips at the top and bottom of the cans and cut paper strips to that width. Then I stuck them onto the cans by gluing the back of the paper strips with a glue runner (I put the glue around the edges and then in stripes over the rest of the surface) and then very carefully stuck the strips to the cans. I tried to make sure they were as straight as possible!

My favourite one is this one with the fox paper – so pretty!

Fox paper pencil pot

I was really pleased with how they came out, and now they are sitting in pride of place on top of one of our bookcases – where the pens are in easy reach for us but not our young children!

Have you done anything similar yourself? Please let me know in the comments below – I’d love to see what you’ve made!

Thanks for reading!