Candid Hong Kong – there’s something in the water…

Every fortnight I share a photo that shows a little insight into Hong Kong life. Sometimes they are things that made me smile, classic Hong Kong sights or just really unusual things.

For those of you who don’t know Hong Kong very well, Victoria Harbour is the bit of water between Hong Kong Island and the part of Hong Kong connected to the Chinese mainland. It’s a busy stretch of water, with boats of all different kinds passing through all day long – from ferries to tiny fishing boats and even massive cruise liners. And it also looks pretty dirty – there’s always rubbish (trash) floating in it, and I’m not really sure exactly what’s coming out of some of the pipes that empty into it!

With all this in mind, I really can’t fathom why on earth people would choose to swim in Victoria Harbour, but they do. It’s mainly older locals who like to go for a dip, and they like to gather on the waterfront to have a nice chat before and after their ‘healthy’ swim. Ironically, here they are pictured next to a sign that says something like ‘please don’t swim here, there is an intake pipe nearby’.

151215 Candid Hong Kong - pre-swim chatting

But that doesn’t seem to stop them from getting in! Can you see the head bobbing in the water in each picture?

151215 Candid Hong Kong - swimming in victoria harbour

151215 Candid Hong Kong - swimming in victoria harbour 2


These photos were taken right next door to a lovely outdoor public swimming pool. Given a choice I would definitely pay the $19 (approx. £1.60) and go for a swim there instead!

Thanks for reading!