Candid Hong Kong – not your usual view

Every fortnight week I share a photo that shows a little insight into Hong Kong life. Sometimes they are things that made me smile, classic Hong Kong sights or just really unusual things.

I took this picture in the Cyberport area, and the view doesn’t really match up to the name. Nor does it match up to most people’s view of Cyberport (with its large, modern estates), or Hong Kong in general. I was just really surprised to see something that looks like this at all, but especially on Hong Kong island. It’s so unexpected that people still live in such small, chaotic buildings like this when so much of Hong Kong is made up of concrete high rise buildings. I guess it’s just a glimpse into the massive rich-poor divide that there is in Hong Kong. And maybe an insight into the way that most people used to live in Hong Kong before the high rise buildings took over. I guess that at some point the people who live here will be evicted to make way for more high rise developments, that seems to be the way things are in Hong Kong.

160531 Candid Hong Kong shanty towns


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